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Yamane Origata School

Introduction to Origata
Kazuki Yamane

Kazuki Yamane

Born in March 1950 in Tokyo .


1973: Hosei University BA in English Literature
1973-74: California State University Fullerton :Graduate Course


1983-1995: BMW Japan Corp. :Marketing Director
1996-2003: Coca-Cola Japan Corp. :Vice President, Public Relations
2003: Opened “Origata School” in Tokyo (Succeeded Yamane-Origata School)
2004: Opened Yamane Office Consultant for Public Relations and Crisis Management

Origata Activities:

2003: Re-opened Origata school in Tokyo: taking apprentice-ship:
2003-2005: Run Origata seminars in major Commercial Culture Schools, Over 2500 participants a year, organized by NHK and Asahi News Paper.


TV and Magazine exposures: 2004-to date Exposed on National NHK TV for several times .
Oshare-kobo, Seikatsu Hot Morning, Weekend Japanology (World wide TV) Leading national life-style magazines featured Origata 4-10pages in color.


2005: National Culture Festival in Fukui Prefecture initiated by Ministry of Culture. Display of Origata: over 250 projects.
2010: Origata exhibition for the first time in Tokyo.
Theme: Aesthetics among court nobles and Buke.( upper Samurai) through Their gift giving activities and papers)
2011: Origata Exhibition in Tokyo at Kioicho-Ise –Katagami Museum.
2013: Origata Exhibition and work-shop at Sankei-Culture School in Ginza.

Over-seas Activities

Milano: Italy 2008 Oct:
Invited to Japanese Culture Exhibition at PAC, Milano Modern Art Museum. Made special display on Origata for the first time in Europe.
Santander Spain 2010 Aug.
Two days lecture at University: Introduced Origata through National Radio.
Vladivostok, Russia 2011 Oct.
Lectures at Vladivostok National Economy and Service University Supported by Japanese Consul.
Leiden Netherland 2013 Mar.
Lecture at Siebold Museum.

Publication: Books on Origata

2005 Origata Lesson
2007 Wamono no I-ro-ha
2007 Kurashini Tsukaeru Origatno-Hon 2009 Nihon no Origata
2009 Kurashini Tsukaeru Origata-no-Hon

Collaboration with Major Japanese Paper factories/Regions.
Ichikawa- Daimon in Yamanashi Prefecture.
(Exclusive paper supply town for Tokugawa Shogun(general) in Edo period.
Echizen in Fukui Prefecture (Japan’s leading paper production region famous for Echizen Washi ):development of original papers, re-production of ancient papers.